Our Restaurant

A culinary journey through Austrian cuisine…

Tradition plays an important role at Schloss Kammer, especially when it comes to food. Our focus is on specialities from the region. We use fresh local products, eg. meat from our organic farm, herbs from our garden, game from local woods. A special tipp are „Pinzgauer Kasnock’n“ served in a pan or a special sweet, „Salzburger Nockerl“…


Schloss Kammer is the right place for many events; a quick stop for a beer only, or a traditional dinner or a lavish party. You can feel the „Gemütlichkeit“ both inside and outside the house. Just relax and enjoy the views.


Each last  Thursday of a month local musicians meet up at Schloss Kammer to play and sing together. Our restaurant guests can listen to local music and are invited to join in.

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